Friday, November 21, 2014

When am I ever going to use this?!?! By Adam Poetzel.

When am I ever going to use this?!?! By Adam Poetzel. (15 youtube videos).

Part 1 Introduction

Part 2 Weightlifting

Part 3 College and Money Success

Part 4 Motivation behind question: Frustration

Part 5 The Wizard of OZ vs. Who's behind the curtain? (How does Google search word?)

Part 6 Tool in your toolbox: may not not why or when you'll use them but without them you may be limited in what you're going to do.

Part 7 Hmmm. humor break: sort of mocking the lack of originality in the question.

Part 8 We need math to answer questions about the world: example, analyzing carbon dioxide levels to determine age of things...graphs tell a story through math...Galileo...communication, representation, processing, problem solving,

Part 9 Seems to be ignoring the question...

Part 10 Proofs: training our brain to make valid and logical arguments...

Part 11 Not really an answer...

Part 12 Why learning anything? Does one learn only to use again? Math builds critical thinking skills. "A mind once stretched never returns to its original dimension. A. Einstein".
If your answer is we are teaching problem solving skills...are we really? Teach in a way that promotes critical thinking.

Part 13 Not a serious answer...

Part 14 We don't know what we're preparing kids for...the technology we use today is math based. We do not know whether you will use it, but you the algebra and math you learn are likely to be the building blocks developing technology. Math open doors...

Part 15 Opportunity...? Rigor, relevance, relationships...When relevance is lacking, how are we doing on relationships?

Is the way you're teaching math helping making it relevant?